A tribute to the Tree

Let us pause for the taking of inventory,mlbt
To measure the debt we owe the tree.

For the searching root that knits the soil,
The cooling shade for those who toil.

The air we breathe, nature’s greatest gift,
And the leaf that heralds each season’s shift.

Forget not the fruit that feeds man and beast,
The branch that burns to prepare the feast.

That sturdy frame that builds the home,
And the paper on which you read this poem.

The tree gives all and asks no prize,
Even making the axe that ends its life. -Anon



What international bonsai experts have said about Jyoti Pandya's bonsais:


Peter Chan, the great bonsai expert from England, says...

"I have gone through your book and I think it is very good. Apart from the sound horticulture information you have given, I think you have managed to capture the sprit of bonsai very well, which is the most important thing. You have done a good job. The quality of printing, i.e. the paper and art work, etc is good too.
Congratulations on your efforts."

He further writes
"I have seen Jyoti Pandya's book on bonsai and would recommend it to anyone growing bonsai in the Indian sub-continent: it deals with trees and plants special to this region.

Her years of experience in growing bonsai have been captured in this book. She is a great artist and has produced some beautiful bonsai over many years. Certainly a good book with lots of valuable information."


-Mr. Budi Sulistyo, renowned bonsai master from Indonesia says about the author's little big tree:

"The roots of your ficus are world standard."
He advised the author to send a picture in world photo contest and that photo received the title of "Best ficus photo" at the All India Convention and exhibition at Mysore in 2007.


-Mr. Pocevic Ceballos, Philippines, says about the author's little big tree

"Our Bhopal visit is fruitful just because of this one tree."


-Mr. Susumu Nakamura, Japan

"Congratulations on your bonsai which was selected as one of the good pieces from all over the world. I am proud of you as one of my good students."

This bonsai was 'Pithecellobium dulce' forest that won outstanding entry award in 1999 at the first ever World Bonsai Photo Contest organised by Japan Airlines.


-Nikunj Parekh, Indo-Japanese Association, Mumbai

"Your lecture demonstration of forest landscaping was of utmost high standards and all our members gained lots of knowledge"

This demonstration was done at Mumbai august, 2004.